thinking like a zebra

I mean ‘why do some people keep quiet in meetings’.

There can be many reasons for this: shyness, fear of exposing oneself, fear of talking nonsense.

Or simply the desire to take pleasure in being able to say, one day, ‘I knew it wouldn’t work’. Sometimes, in some companies, keeping quiet is the only way to survive.

Exposing different points of view, or suggesting alternative methods to those always adopted, in meetings where there are people with different company seniority, professional experience and, above all, little transversal knowledge, even of simple basic principles, almost always triggers a discussion.

What idea do we have of ourselves?

Does it correspond to reality? Experimental evidence shows that there is a general tendency to overestimate the individual’s ability to handle certain tasks. “Think like a zebra’ is a well-written, easy and enjoyable book.

It is a story about the jungle kingdom that invites us to implement our creativity in a humorous and entertaining way.

The animals, in turn, act as “prototypes” to observe, from different perspectives, the complexity of reality, teaching us to seize in every criticality an opportunity for growth and change.

Suitable for everyone, not only for experts, an effective story on bilateral thinking and how to develop and strengthen it in each one of us… the book can be found on Amazon: Thinking like a Zebra



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Calogero Kalos Bonasia

Calogero Kalos Bonasia

OMNIA MEA MECUM PORTO: Business Agility & Value Stream Mapping | (Agile) Project Management | Organizational & Collective Intelligence | Corporate Training