Insightful human portraits made from data

Luke DuBois is an “eclectic artist” whom I am getting to know through my interest in so-called “emotional cartography”.

A lecturer at Brooklyn’s Media Center and NYU’s Polytechnic Institute, his records are available on Caipirinha / Sire, Liquid Sky, C74, and Cantaloupe Music, but he also contributed to the writing and creation of Jitter, a software suite for the manipulation and subsequent real-time visualisation of data.

Among his most interesting works is a mapping of American identity through the analysis of the 21 main online dating services.

If I have intrigued you, check out this TED video entitled: “Insightful human portraits made from data”, it is both wonderful and disturbing how we use technology.

Luke Dubois’s work oscillates between different fields, but in particular (data) visualisation, which in his work takes on a strong sociological meaning, in the use and rendering of decoded data, aimed at framing social phenomena thanks to a confluence in visual rhetoric between art and data mining processes that it would not be out of place to define as typical of bureaucracy.



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Calogero Kalos Bonasia

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